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Words I Love 015 – Lyrical

A new addition for you today to my occasional series ‘Words I Love’… lyrical ˈlɪrɪk(ə)l/ adjective adjective: lyrical 1. (of literature, art, or music) expressing the writer’s emotions in an imaginative and beautiful way. “he gained a devoted following for his lyrical … Continue reading

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Swan rising! Creswell Crags, Notts, UK

I took this today of a swan washing itself. I have a nice sequence which will appear in due course on my Photo Blog, but I thought I’d post this today as I’ve had a brilliant day out at Creswell … Continue reading

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Decay – another perspective

14 May (early evening) So I find myself sitting here, thinking, after preparing tomorrow’s blog for ‘My Daily Snap’ on this week’s theme of ‘Decay’. Spotify is on, a playlist of some of my favourite songs from a radio show … Continue reading

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