Words I Love 50 – Portfolio

A new word today…





noun: portfolio; plural noun: portfolios; modifier noun: portfolio
  1. 1.
    a large, thin, flat case for loose sheets of paper such as drawings or maps.
    “under his arm he carried a large portfolio of drawings”
    • a set of pieces of creative work intended to demonstrate a person’s ability to a potential employer.
      “she had a portfolio of crayon portraits”
    • a varied set of photographs of a model or actor intended to be shown to a potential employer.
      “entrants must not have done any professional modelling or have an existing portfolio”
  2. 2.
    a range of investments held by a person or organization.
    “a portfolio of insured municipal securities”
    • a range of products or services offered by an organization.
      “an unrivalled portfolio of quality brands”
  3. 3.
    denoting or engaged in an employment pattern which involves a succession of short-term contracts and part-time work, rather than the more traditional model of a single job for life.
    “portfolio careers allow women to balance work with family”
  4. 4.
    the position and duties of a Minister or Secretary of State.
    “he took on the Foreign Affairs portfolio”


early 18th century: from Italian portafogli, from portare ‘carry’ + foglio ‘leaf’ (from Latin folium ).

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