Words I Love 44 – Immerse

Today’s word…





verb: immerse; 3rd person present: immerses; past tense: immersed; past participle: immersed; gerund or present participle: immersing
  1. 1.
    dip or submerge in a liquid.
    immerse the paper in water for twenty minutes”
    synonyms: submerge, plunge, dip, dunk, duck, sink; More

    “litmus paper turns red on being immersed in acid”
    • baptize (someone) by immersion in water.
      synonyms: baptize, christen; More

      “the new Christian would be immersed in the river”
  2. 2.
    involve oneself deeply in a particular activity.
    “she immersed herself in her work”
    synonyms: absorb, engross, occupy, engage, involve, engulf, bury; More

    informallose oneself in, get lost in
    “Elliot was immersed in his work”


early 17th century: from Latin immers- ‘dipped into’, from the verb immergere, from in- ‘in’ + mergere ‘to dip’.

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