Words I Love 41 – Prolix

New word today. I came across it for the first time this week in an article about George The Poet in the Sunday Times Culture Magazine (15.02.15). A great word, I love it!

To have words in the palm of your hand, there’s real power…

dictionary in hand




adjective: prolix
  1. (of speech or writing) using or containing too many words; tediously lengthy.
    “he found the narrative too prolix and discursive”
    synonyms: lengthy, long-winded, long-drawn-out, overlong, prolonged, protracted, interminable, laborious, ponderous, endless, unending, verbose, wordy, full of verbiage, verbal, diffuse, discursive, digressive, rambling, wandering, circuitous, meandering, maundering, periphrastic, circumlocutory; More

    rareambagious, pleonastic, circumlocutionary, logorrhoeic
    “his prolix speeches could often be tiresome”


late Middle English: from Old French prolixe or Latin prolixus ‘poured forth, extended’, from pro- ‘outward’ + liquere ‘be liquid’.

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