Words I Love 37 – Gyrate

New word today…love this one!




verb: gyrate; 3rd person present: gyrates; past tense: gyrated; past participle: gyrated; gerund or present participle: gyrating
  1. move or cause to move rapidly in a circle or spiral.
    “the dog yelped frenetically, wildly gyrating her tail”
    synonyms: rotate, revolve, move in circles, go round in circles, circle, spiral, wheel round, turn round, whirl, pirouette, twirl, swirl, spin, swivel

    “flashing lights gyrate above the dance floor”
    • dance in a wild or suggestive manner.
      “strippers gyrated to rock music on a low stage”


early 19th century: earlier (early 17th century) as gyration, from Latin gyrat- ‘revolved’, from the verb gyrare, from Greek guros ‘a ring’.

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