Words I Love 31 – Expound

A new word…




verb: expound; 3rd person present: expounds; past tense: expounded; past participle: expounded; gerund or present participle: expounding
  1. present and explain (a theory or idea) in detail.
    “he was expounding a powerful argument”
    synonyms: present, put forward, set forth, proffer, offer, advance, propose, propound, frame, give an account of, recount; More

    explain, give an explanation of, detail, spell out, describe, discuss, explicate, delineate, elucidate
    “he expounded his theories on the cultural state of the nation”
    elaborate on, expand on, expatiate on, dwell on, harp on, discuss at length
    “he expounded on the virtues of books and learning”
    • explain the meaning of (a literary or doctrinal work).
      “the abbess expounded the scriptures to her nuns”
      synonyms: explain, interpret, explicate, elucidate; More

      comment on, give a commentary on, annotate, gloss, illustrate
      “a detailed treatise expounding Paul’s teachings”


Middle English expoune (in the sense ‘explain (what is difficult)’): from Old French espon-, present tense stem of espondre, from Latin exponere ‘expose, publish, explain’, from ex- ‘out’ + ponere ‘put’. The origin of the final -d (recorded from the Middle English period) is uncertain.

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