Words I Love 026 – Berate

Today’s fabulous word is…




verb: berate; 3rd person present: berates; past tense: berated; past participle: berated; gerund or present participle: berating
  1. scold or criticize (someone) angrily.
    “she berated herself for being fickle”
    synonyms: rebuke, reprimand, reproach, reprove, admonish, remonstrate with, chastise, chide, upbraid, take to task, pull up, castigate, lambaste, read someone the Riot Act, give someone a piece of one’s mind, go on at, haul over the coals, criticize, censure; More

    informaltell off, give someone a talking-to, give someone a telling-off, dress down, give someone a dressing-down, give someone an earful, give someone a roasting, give someone a rocket, give someone a rollicking, rap, rap over the knuckles, slap someone’s wrist, let someone have it, send someone away with a flea in their ear, bawl out, give someone hell, come down on, blow up at, pitch into, lay into, lace into, tear into, give someone a caning, put on the mat, slap down, blast, rag, keelhaul;
    informaltick off, have a go at, monster, carpet, give someone a carpeting, give someone a mouthful, tear someone off a strip, tear a strip off someone, give someone what for, give someone some stick, wig, give someone a wigging, give someone a row, row;
    informalchew out, ream out, take to the woodshed;
    vulgar slangbollock, give someone a bollocking;
    vulgar slangchew someone’s ass, ream someone’s ass;
    datedcall down, rate, give someone a rating, trim;
    “she had to berate Patsy and Betsy for giggling”
    antonyms: praise


mid 16th century: from be- ‘thoroughly’ + rate2.

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