Words I Love 13 – Minor

New word today…which appears in my latest poem published on my poetry blog.


[ ˈmʌɪnə ]


    1. lesser in importance, seriousness, or significance:
      “she requested a number of minor alterations”
    2. (of a scale) having intervals of a semitone between the second and third degrees, and (usually) the fifth and sixth, and the seventh and eighth. Contrasted with major.
      • (of an interval) characteristic of a minor scale and less by a semitone than the equivalent major interval. Compare with diminished.
        “the E flat clarinet sounds a minor third higher than the written notes”
      • (of a key or mode) based on a minor scale and tending to produce a sad or pensive effect:
        “Concerto in A minor”
  1. Brit.
    (following a surname in public schools) indicating the younger of two brothers:
    “Smith minor”
    synonyms: junior · younger


    1. a person under the age of full legal responsibility.
      “the court would take account of the minor’s wishes”

      synonyms: child · infant · youth · adolescent · teenager · boy · girl · lad ·

    2. a minor key, interval, or scale.
      • a system of change-ringing using six bells.
  1. N. Amer.
    the minor leagues in baseball or American football:
    “Salinas was one of six teams in the minors”


  1. study as or qualify in a subsidiary subject at college or university.
    “Clark had minored in Animal Science”
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