Top 10 Songs About Buildings and Architecture

This Top 10 from last year goes nicely with this week’s photo blog theme of unusual man-made structures…new one to follow before the week’s out. Check out the classic no.1 choice!

more songs about buildings

The Man of Letters

Time for another Top 10, this one is inspired by this week’s themed Photo Blog on Buildings.

Top 10 Songs About Buildings & Architecture

10. Building – Ultravox
09. Life Without Buildings – Japan
08. Buildings And Bridges – Ani DiFranco
07. Unsafe Building – The Alarm
06. Catholic Architecture – Robert Wyatt
05. I Know She’s In The Building – Mike Scott
04. Working On A Building – Cowboy Junkies
03. Architektur Ist Geiselnahme – Einstursende Neubauten
02. In Tall Buildings – Gillian Welch

This week’s No.1 is…

01. Love -> Building On Fire Talking Heads

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