Top 10 Architectural Songs

This Top 10 from January also works well with this week’s themed photo blog ‘Unusual Structures’…

The Man of Letters

Time for another Top 10 songs today; these to accompany last week’s themed photo blog on Architecture. It’s a return to a subject covered back in September of last year so as such there’s no repetition of songs that were selected back then.

Top 10 Architectural Songs

10. Grave Architecture – Pavement
09. Architecture, Morality, Ted & Alice – Half Man Half Biscuit
08. Momentary Architecture – John Foxx
07. Working On A Building Of Love – Chairman Of The Board
06. Musterhaus-Aussterlung – I Anarchitecture – Einsturzende Neubauten
05. Fascist Architecture – Bruce Cockburn
04. Ugly Buildings Are Beautiful – Mull Historical Society
03. Architecture & Morality – OMD
02. My Favourite Buildings – Robyn Hitchcock

And this week’s number one is…

01. I Got A Leak In This Old BuildingLightnin’ Hopkins

0268-fix lightnin' hopkins

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