Words I Love 009 – Elegiac

Another word in my series ‘Words I Love’. Today it’s ‘elegiac’, which I’ve recently used to describe a lily I photographed for my blog, ‘My Daily Snap’.

low-life NO

‘Elegia’ is also a piece of music by Manchester band New Order, from their ‘Low-Life’ album. A beautiful instrumental that I can imagine playing alongside this image if it was hanging in an exhibition.


adjective: elegiac


relating to or characteristic of an elegy.
“haunting and elegiac poems”

•wistfully mournful.
“she watched repeat serials, fixed on their moody and elegiac characterization”

synonyms: mournful, melancholic, melancholy, plaintive, sorrowful, sad, lamenting, doleful; More
funereal, dirgelike;

touching, moving, poignant;


rarethrenodic, threnodial

“a movingly elegiac piece for small orchestra”

antonyms: cheerful


plural noun: elegiacs; plural noun: elegiac


verses in an elegiac metre.


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