Words I Love 008 – Incandescent

The latest in my occasional series ‘Words I Love’…’incandescent’, such a great word, used in my latest poem, Lilies, in My Daily Poem blog.

Definition of incandescent in English:


Line breaks: in¦can|des¦cent

adjective: incandescent
  1. 1.
    emitting light as a result of being heated.
    “plumes of incandescent liquid rock”
    synonyms: white-hot, intensely hot, red-hot, burning, fiery, on fire, blazing, ablaze, aflame; More

    “incandescent fragments of lava”
    • (of an electric light) containing a filament which glows white-hot when heated by a current passed through it.
  2. 2.
    full of strong emotion; passionate.
    “she felt an incandescent love for life”


late 18th century: from French, from Latin incandescent- ‘glowing’, from the verb incandescere, from in- (expressing intensive force) + candescere ‘become white’ (from candidus ‘white’).


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