A Buyers Guide to XTC

This is great…my senses are working overtime!

Backseat Mafia


For reasons I’ve never been able to adequately explain, the majority of my favourite musicians have never achieved the level of success that their talent deserved, instead achieving artistic integrity while other, lesser talents, enjoyed far bigger commercial success and radio play. Super Furry Animals, Eels, Cud, are all bands that deserved to be much much bigger than they were, but it has been far less interesting acts that have enjoyed mega-selling albums and fame at a time that they did their best work. There is one band though whose minimal commercial success was inverse to their peerless recorded output, who during a period when the likes of The Police, The Smiths and U2 were releasing their most celebrated albums and soulless synthetic production methods blighted countless acts, released a string of compelling albums that continue to stand up to scrutiny in the same manner that only the most enduring…

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