Rant 01 – ‘Don Valley Stadium’ Sheffield

This is an outrageous miss-use of public money. As the tax payers who funded it, do we get our money back from the sale to the developers?

Don Valley Stadium, where Olympic gold medallist Ennis-Hill trained, was closed as part of cost-saving measures approved by Sheffield City Council last year. The stadium was built in 1990 to host the 1991 World Student Games at a cost of £29m and was one of the UK’s leading athletics venues before it was demolished.


Don Valley Stadium in it's glory


Don Valley Stadium demolished

I was at the last event before it was closed, ironically the Sainsbury’s School Games, to watch my nephew, Munroe Ritchie (pictured throwing and receiving medal far right), compete in the boys hammer event for  South-East England.

YSP 382 YSP 397

It was a bit run-down and in need of a face-lift, but this is an appalling decision. The UK government should have centrally funded a make-over, not left it to a local council strapped for funds. Mind you look what they did with The Millennium Dome (now the privately owned O2 Arena)…where’s that public money gone?

Rant over, yours, an angry MoL

© Nick Ritchie 2014


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5 Responses to Rant 01 – ‘Don Valley Stadium’ Sheffield

  1. mattandlottie says:

    Vindictive Tory government forcing a labour council in the north to close it down, using austerity as an excuse, whilst increasing funding Tory councils in the southeast.
    What do you expect.

  2. I expect better, whilst realising it’ll never be that way…

  3. They promised us all an olympic legacy and for Sheffield it was the demolition of the Don Valley Stadium! I wonder if they’ll start closing cycle lanes as part of the legacy of the Tour de France. We can safely say they will never find the money to rebuild the likes of Don Valley Stadium again which makes its demolition even more of a crime. Wasn’t Sheffield once the “city of sport”? I posted some pics of the stadium here: http://postcardcafe.wordpress.com/2013/09/29/don-valley-stadium-1990-2013/ Best wishes, Mr Cafe

  4. How come I am not surprised. It’s not only in UK that government seem to think they can do anything with taxpayers’ money. A sad story about failed politics.

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