Top 10 Punk, Post Punk and New Wave Debut Albums (1976-79)

A slightly different Top 10 today as it’s not individual songs this time but whole albums. In particular debut albums of the Punk, Post Punk and New Wave scenes of the late 1970s. The cut off is 1979, so it’s quite a narrow field. My favourite track/tracks on the albums are in ().

Other genres and decades to be featured separately in this occasional series. As always it’s my personal choice and you might disagree so I’d be interested to hear your preferences!

My Top 10 Punk, Post Punk & New Wave Debut Albums

10. The Ruts – The Crack (1979) (Babylon’s Burning, Jah War)
09. The Jam – In The City (1977) (In The City, Away From The Numbers)
08. Elvis Costello – My Aim Is True (1977) (Alison, Less Than Zero, Red Shoes)
07. Stiff Little Fingers – Inflammable Material (1979) (Suspect Device, Barbed Wire Love)
06. The Clash – The Clash (1977) (London’s Burning, White Riot)
05. Ian Dury & The Blockheads – New Boots & Panties!! (1977) (Sweet Gene Vincent, Plaistow Patricia, Clevor Trever)
04. The Cure – Three Imaginary Boys (1979) (10:15 Saturday Night, Fire In Cairo)
03. The Undertones – The Undertones (1979) (Jimmy Jimmy, Here Comes The Summer)
02. Talking Heads – 77 (1977) (Psycho Killer, Pulled Up, Don’t Worry About The Government)

…and this weeks no.1 is…

01. Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures (1979)
(Shadowplay, New Dawn Fades, She’s lost Control, Interzone)

unknown pleasures

…not quite making the Top 10 but well worth a mention are: Penetration, Devo, Wire, XTC, Magazine, Buzzcocks, Joe Jackson and Sex Pistols!


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One Response to Top 10 Punk, Post Punk and New Wave Debut Albums (1976-79)

  1. Mattandlottie says:

    1015 on Saturday night, and the tap drips under the strip light…..
    Cool. I notice a track is missing on later releases of the album. PC gone mad.
    Excellent no1 I think, she’s lost control best track.

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