Gods and Monsters

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Broken Light: A Photography Collective

Please say hello to first-time contributor Mike Cullen, a photographer based in Brooklyn, NY, who specializes in abstract and impressionistic landscapes. After a few decades of working in the photo industry, Mike decided it was finally time to move from the business and editing side over to the creative. He’s been working on an extensive series of images that share some common stylistic threads: they’re blurry, there are no people, the subject matter is kept at some distance, and yet the colors are fairly vibrant. It wasn’t until much later (and many photographs) that he was diagnosed with depression. After his diagnosis, when he looked back on his work, he realized that these images were a manifestation of the illness. The out-of-focus, lonely, people-less world he had been photographing wasn’t in the park down the street. It was in him.

About this photo: “The two images above are called, “Gods and Monsters” (the darker one) and “Because I Could Not Stop For Death”…

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