Poetry meets Photography 03 ‘Blue Water’

Another in my occasional series linking poetry and photography, where I marry a poem from My Daily Poems with an images from My Daily Snap. After revising an old poem this afternoon that had not seen the light of day I realised it went perfectly with this recent image I took.

Sutton Park NNR 148 contrast saturated blue 2 frame NR 50%

Blue Day

Uninteresting faces,
Dull and blank
And full of lies,
Black briefcases,
Similar style
Same size,
Different combinations,
Different destinations,
Can’t disguise
You seek the same prize,
A bigger pay cheque,
A salary rise

Another nervous wreck
In a blue pin-striped suit,
Matching tie
And shirt,
If looks could kill
Yours would surely hurt,
Furrowed brow
And troubled frown,
Feeling the pace,
Burdens dragging you down

Blue water,
Ice cold,
Laps around your face,
Wrinkled, old,
Tired of the chase,
Hollow blue eyes,
Reflect a life
The sum
Of which slowly sinks
And dies

Photo and poem © Nick Ritchie 2014


About themanofletters

Love poetry, love Marmite, Alright?
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2 Responses to Poetry meets Photography 03 ‘Blue Water’

  1. Lovely words combined with an equally lovely photo. The combinations really says blue. Love it.

  2. Many thanks for your kind words, they are really appreciated.

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