The world that found heart

I like this…

Peace, Love and Patchouli

Metal door opens
Darkness and gloom
Dingy with oil
The ants scurry about
Never looking up
Faster faster they move
Without a care
There is no heart,
It doesn’t reside there.
Machines belch mist
Covering each inch
No trust
No laughter
No not anymore…..
The dark has descended
When there’s no heart there.
Bell starts to ring
In rows they march
In and out
Like ships that pass
In the night,
Doors burst at the seams
As the rows file past
Into sunshine and light
Oh my, see the change
As slowly,
Ever so slowly
You catch a glimpse,
Something beating there,
I think it’s a heart,
Is it? Oh it must be so,
It shakes off the grime of the
Workday gone by
And into their cars
Fast how they run
To their lives and their homes
And the puppies that wait.
It’s time to recharge

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