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“Kate Middleton’s Bare Behind” by Paul Burgess

Originally posted on Miscellaneous Inanities: A poem in response to the article above: So, now we’ve seen your bare behind and found that it’s of the same kind as any other British ass. Why all the fuss, my royal…

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‘Burning Down The House’…

  NEW POEM ‘Speaking In Tongues’ Posted on May 27, 2014 by themanofletters I was sorting through my poetry notebooks, files and scraps of paper and cleaning up my filing system on my laptop over the long weekend – spring-cleaning the mind … Continue reading

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The Floating Boy

Originally posted on Max Miller Poetry:
Astronauts and firemen, He picks at dreams and plays. Ageing steals his oxygen, Until his dreams turn grey. Smooth skin with a bubbling grin, He sleeps to father’s voice. Shaving scabs and drunk kebabs,…

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Pam Hall’s “Apron Diaries”

Originally posted on O' Canada:
Aprons in the Wind, Port Rexton, Newfoundland, From Pam Hall’s “Apron Diaries” ___ Pam Hall is among the highly imaginative artists showcased at a current exhibition (through June 1) of contemporary art from the rugged…

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Time to revise!

‘Johnny Clarke’s Party’ (revised) Posted on May 24, 2014 by themanofletters I’ve just revised/re-drafted this poetic tribute to John Cooper Clarke. The final verse has changed, giving it more edge and the previous final verse dropped as it seemed a bit … Continue reading

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My picture of the day

Originally posted on Jörg Hein Photography:
Nice imagery. Jörg Hein Photography View original post

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We are a bit dizzy

Originally posted on hovercraftdoggy:
“Light Rorschach“, a series of photographs of Nicolas Rivals mixing abstract portraits, reflections in water and light painting to give us some beautiful light Rorschach tests… “A Light Painting work that let everyone see his own representation…

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