Psychic poet?

30 April 2014 – just after midday…

I’ve just decided I must be psychic! Well that, or as my lovely wife Sue would say, it’s ‘cosmic correspondence’. Through April I have been taking part in the NaPoWriMo 2014 challenge – to write 30 poems in 30 days. Yes, a poem a day for a whole month. They appear on another of my blogs ‘My Daily Poems’ as ‘Today’s Poem’


I took part for the first time last year and successfully completed the challenge. As we enter the last day today I just have one more to write to complete this year’s successfully too. There’s a rough draft in place, but more work needed this afternoon, so not quite there yet. Luckily I have a day off today from my day job as a Postman, so it’s looking good.

Whilst pondering, I checked out the NaPoWriMo website and looked at their prompt for today. Each day they offer a prompt for a poem, which can just free up a cluttered mind with writer’s block. I tend not to use the prompts, but noticed today’s was on the theme of farewell. Bizarrely this was the theme of my offering yesterday! So is that just coincidence, an act of chance, minds working in the same sphere, or perhaps an element of psychic behaviour?

Anyway here’s yesterday’s effort…

Walk Away *

Whatever your choices might be,
Whatever your thoughts can see,
Don’t fall for me

Walk away

Whichever way you go,
Follow the way that you know
But don’t stay

Walk Away

Shield your eyes from me,
Don’t try to see,
Please I pray

Walk Away

I’ve never felt like this before,
Can’t speak to you no more,
There’s nothing left to say

Walk Away

I’m scared of falling through
To the other side of you,
Be on your way

Walk Away

This skin I’m in,
So heavy, yet so thin,
Release me today

Walk Away

Don’t fall for me,
Walk away


© Nick Ritchie 2014

* This poem was inspired by watching the film ‘Control’, about Ian Curtis, the lead singer of the band Joy Division. And also from listening to their magnificent music, especially the albums ‘Closer’ & ‘Unknown Pleasures’. The first rough scribbles date back to April 2010, but the bulk was written late last night/early this morning and are two versions. This is version 2.


Anyway enjoy, and if you get a chance check out My Daily Poems and let me know your thoughts. In the meantime, there’s a final NaPoWriMo poem to write, so gotta go…

Cheers – MoL




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2 Responses to Psychic poet?

  1. That is really impressive; 30 poems in 30 days. The poem in post is great writing, but with a sad undertone and much melancholia.

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