Top 10 Architectural Songs

Time for another Top 10 songs today; these to accompany last week’s themed photo blog on Architecture. It’s a return to a subject covered back in September of last year so as such there’s no repetition of songs that were selected back then.

Top 10 Architectural Songs

10. Grave Architecture – Pavement
09. Architecture, Morality, Ted & Alice – Half Man Half Biscuit
08. Momentary Architecture – John Foxx
07. Working On A Building Of Love – Chairman Of The Board
06. Musterhaus-Aussterlung – I Anarchitecture – Einsturzende Neubauten
05. Fascist Architecture – Bruce Cockburn
04. Ugly Buildings Are Beautiful – Mull Historical Society
03. Architecture & Morality – OMD
02. My Favourite Buildings – Robyn Hitchcock

And this week’s number one is…

01. I Got A Leak In This Old BuildingLightnin’ Hopkins

0268-fix lightnin' hopkins


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    This Top 10 from January also works well with this week’s themed photo blog ‘Unusual Structures’…

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