NME – Top 500 Albums of all time?

The NME is over 60 yrs old and has published it’s Top 500 Albums of all time.


The results were arrived at by a combination of votes by it’s staff writers and results of all it’s yearly album polls. The weekly magazine is out now or go here to see more http://www.nme.com/magazine/issue/the-500-greatest-albums-of-all-time

I won’t spoil the surprise, but just to say it’s bound to cause some arguments and controversy!

I was sad and counted how many of the Top 5oo I have in my collection – the answer being 192 (including 9 of the top 10). But then I am a music nut and did work in the industry for nearly 20 years!

My Top 3 would have been:

03. Unknown Pleasures – Joy Division (No.40 in NME Top 500)
02. Fear Of Music – Talking Heads (No.171)
01. All Mod Cons – The Jam (No.219)

But that’s just me…

Cheers – MoL


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4 Responses to NME – Top 500 Albums of all time?

  1. I’m sadly out of touch with music, but now I want to make my own Top…10. I’ll start there, then I may be able to get to bed before dawn. Let’s see…RHChili Peppers’ “BloodSugarSexMagik” has to be in there…

    • That’s great and a good start with RHCP! Did you complete your Top 10?

      • Urk. Nope. I started, got Metallica’s Black album, and Bob Marley’s Legend, then got kinda bored with myself. ; ) I think I was about to list obligatory favorites (I like all those Marley songs, but I don’t actually listen to them that often…they’re already played ubiquitously in every country I’ve visited, except, interestingly enough, Israel). I’ll just keep listening.

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