Top 10 – Wall Songs

Time for another Top 10 songs – this week on the theme of ‘Walls’ to accompany last week’s photo blog on the same theme. For the first time the same song appears twice by two different artists. In addition three artists that feature (Paul Weller, Cabaret Voltaire, Echo & the Bunnymen) had another song that also could have been selected. Paul Weller appears twice, once solo, once with The Style Council. Enjoy this eclectic selection…and let me know your favourite wall songs.

Top 10 Wall Songs

10. Up Against The Wall – The Tom Robinson Band
09. The Wall – Johnny Cash
08. Fly On The Wall – XTC
07. All The Pictures On The Wall – Paul Weller
06. Wall of Death – R.E.M.
05. Walls of Jericho – Cabaret Voltaire
04. Pictures On My Wall – Echo & The Bunnymen
03. Wall of Death – Richard & Linda Thompson
02. Walls Come Tumbling Down – Style Council

And the number one is…

01. Another Brick In The Wall Part 2 – Pink Floyd


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