Update…coming soon!

15 July/16 July (midnight)

It’s been a while since I posted on here, how remiss of me! I’ve been away and buried in stuff! I have been posting a photo a day on my Photo Blog however! This week’s theme is numbers, so to celebrate on Sunday check out my Top 10 numbers related songs right here. Maybe have a think about what you favourite songs would be on this theme and let me know.

I also plan to catch up this week with a belated ‘Arrows’ top 10 and Graffiti/Art top 10 which were the last 3 weeks of the photo blog. Poems also coming soon on these themes on my poetry blog.

Finally, having recently been to the wonderful Garforth Arts Festival in Leeds and their Party In The Playground (with Bellowhead, Kate Rusby, Ruby Turner, Lau & others), Kew The Music in Kew Gardens (with Paul Weller, Charlie Boyer & the Voyeurs and Lucy Rose) and The Residents World of Weird 40th Anniversary Show at The Barbican, expect some music related blogging later this week.

Cheers for now…


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