Lazy Sunday…

Sunday (4.20pm BST)

Ah, lazy Sundays, you’ve got to love them. A gentle start; a short walk to pick up the paper, then a good read of the Sunday Times Magazine, Culture mag, Weekly Review and Sports pages.

Then it’s normally onto sorting out the blogs; the weekly Top 10 Songs for ‘The Man of Letters’, finding inspriration and spark to scribe a new poem for my poetry blog, not to forget the planning for next week’s themed daily Photo Blog and sheduling said blogs. Along the way there’ll normally be some fine food, conversation and maybe some imbibing of sweet nectar or grape with the lovely Suzie! An afternoon tipple is truely a joyous treat on a day of rest.

There might be some attempt at controlling the wayward garden – pull a few weeds, clean the fish pond and feed said fish, water the thirsty veg, fruit & herbs…maybe. Sometimes it’s just thinking about it rather than action! Sometimes a day out, camera in hand will all to easily replace the idea of gardening or household chores, but not the food, chat and wobbly juice!

Sunday is truely the day of joy; a day off, a lie-in and welcome break from those 4.30am get-ups. A special day to be savoured.

On normal weeks treading the mean streets, delivering letters and parcels for Royal Mail, Saturday is just another working day. This week though it’s especially good as it’s my long weekend. As a Postie, since revision came in late last year, this ‘man of letters’ has a the joy of a three-day weekend, once every five weeks. Three days of rest & play, with no work in sight. This often means a trip somewhere; be it family visits, exploring a new place, or revisiting an old favourite haunt. Normally walking boots, waterproofs, my camera and a map will accompany us as we tap a postcode into the Sat Nav and press the foot to the metal.

All these things are great in their own way, but this week is special – time spent relaxing in the home with family – as the British weather does its thing…grey cloud, hazy sun, light rain, bright sun, stormy cloud, heavy rain. A pretty normal summer’s day, following the solstice and in the week preceeding Glastonbury! Heavenly mutterings on our heavenly weekend.

A time to relax, time to think, time to be…long may these Sundays remain free.


Post Script: Tempus fugit  – especially on days-off. I do still have those blogs to do; then again, I still have tomorrow to do them!

Like I said, cheers!


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