Things to do…

12 June (an hour before midnight)

So many things to do, so little spare time…you must have been in the same predicament yourself. I still haven’t written my intended shadow poem for my Poetry Blog, to accompany last week’s Photo Blog on the theme of ‘Shadows’. Now we are rapidly spiralling through this week’s theme of ‘Reflections’ and the need for another poem looms large! Pressure though can inhibit inspiration, don’t you think?

Then there’s an, as yet unbought, card to buy and send for Father’s Day this Sunday, here in the UK. No excuses, I looked at cards last week, but couldn’t find one I liked. As a Postman, I really don’t have too many excuses, I have stamps and access to postboxes a plenty!!! ONe of my best mates birthday is today, so happy birthday Gareth Jones in Hong Kong. The card (if I’d purchased one that is) will never make it on time! Sorry, but thanks to Facebook and Twitter I think I’m ok. Another social media bale-out.

But on a positive note; I did write a special poem for D-Day, 6 June, I have compiled and scheduled tomorrow’s photo blog, prepared my pack-up (packed lunch) for tomorrow and set early alarm (4.20am). The washing up’s done and I’ve made a new list of things to do! And on that note, the best Things To Do list ever must be David Byrne’s ‘I’ve Tried (Things To Do)’ from ‘The Knee Plays’

I’ve Tried (things to do)

Number 1. Try to (walking quickly) be
Number 2. Count to ten, smile, count to ten
Number 3. Big shoes
Number 4. Watching big shoes
Number 5. Buying things and spending money
Number 6. Counting things
Number 7. Inventing facial expressions
Number 8. Parking
Number 9. Fixing things
Number 10. Writing letters
Number 11. Studying maps, inventing street names
Number 12. Scraping the garden
Number 13. Putting the garden in the house
Number 14. Pointy things
Number 15. Bumpy things
Number 16. Broken things
Number 17. Finding the bank
Number 18. Finding the window
Number 19. Writing a book
Number 20. Finding the book
Number 21. Little houses
Number 22. Counting the houses
Number 23. Drinking things
Number 24. Watching other things
Number 25. Putting houses next to bumpy things
Number 26. Shaking things next to other things

Copyright of this lyric/poem’list belongs to Mr David Byrne

Perfect, now how about planning completing the above list yourself! I’m off to bed, tomorrow I will study my To Do List and probably only tick off the easy ones!

Good night… 🙂


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