Decay – another perspective

14 May (early evening)

So I find myself sitting here, thinking, after preparing tomorrow’s blog for ‘My Daily Snap’ on this week’s theme of ‘Decay’. Spotify is on, a playlist of some of my favourite songs from a radio show I used to present called ‘Passion for Plastic’. The tunes drift in and out; ‘A Song From Under The Floorboards’ by Magazine, ‘A Forest’ by The Cure, Violent Femmes’ ‘Country Death Song’, Joy Division’s ‘Interzone’, ‘Life During Wartime’ – Talking Heads. You get my drift, a great soundtrack to any meandering thoughts. In fact many of the bands and songs deal with the same theme of Decay. My thoughts lock onto Talking Heads ‘Nothing But Flowers’ from their final studio album ‘Naked’.

“This used to be real estate
Now it’s only fields and trees
Where, where is the town
Now, it’s nothing but flowers
The highways and cars
Were sacrificed for agriculture”

In a neat twist Mr Byrne’s lyrics lament the man-made world reverting to nature.

On Sunday, to tie in with this week’s photo theme, I’ll be pulling together a Top 10 songs on Decay. On my Poetry blog I’ll also be publishing a poem that will follow the theme.

In the meantime check out this talented photographer Chelsea Rominski who, like me, likes a bit of decay. I really like this ‘Abandoned’ project of Chelsea’s.

Catch you later…tMoL


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