As one chapter ends…so another begins

30 April (mid-evening 9pm ish)

Today saw the end of a challenge I had been undertaking during April. National Poetry Writing Month 2013, known as NaPoWriMo wraps up after 30 days and this year I boarded the bus, joining the 2,000 plus other poetry enthusiasts who undertook to try and write a poem a day for the 30 days of April.

Believe it or not I completed the challenge, ending with Today’s Poem I Am Metal Along the way I also produced a photo a day, mydailysnap, originally to illustrate the poems. Half way through I was finding this too limiting for both the photograhpy and also the poetry, so the blogs went their separate ways. The Daily Snap is continuing  as Today’s Photo beyond NaPoWriMo and so as we enter May this week’s theme is Sunsets. Each week will be themed and occasionally might even be illustrated by a poem or some prose.

I only started blogging a month ago, inspired by NaPoWriMo, but I must admit I love it and it definitely helps stir the creative juices. I hope to continue the poetry, perhaps on a more manageble poem a week basis, rather than daily. We’ll see. My other blog, The Man Of Letters (a nod both to my love of words and the fact that I’m a Postie or Postman here in the UK) is intended as an occasional blog. It has a heavy bias towards music related stuff, although I suspect I’ll ramble about more than just musical subjects. I will no doubt feed in poems, photographs and other mediums along the way.

So there we have it my three main creative joys – music, photography and poetry. I bought my first vinyl record in about 1978, wrote my first poetry (excluding school work) the following year and took my first serious pics at the dawn of the 80’s. Those three passions have rubbed shoulders as major forces in my life ever since. I’ve studied photograhy and been commissioned and have been a radio DJ for many years. So I live in hope that at some point I will get my poetry published. Who knows, maybe even combine all three into a multi-media type output. I guess I’ve been self-publishing over the last month in the modern world of social media.

It’s good to have aspirations, and if there’s one thing taking up this challenge has done, it’s relight my fire and put me back in touch with my creative mojo. My message is – if you’re thinking of doing it, don’t just think, do it (as long as it’s legal!).



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