What A Day That Was!…

27 April (nearly midnight)

…so sang David Byrne back somewhere in the 80s. Funnily enough as I write this ‘Once In A Lifetime’ starts playing on spotify on my laptop. Classic Talking Heads. Cosmic correspondence I think! More on Mr Byrne another time, except to say I am looking forward to seeing him playing in the UK with St Vincent this August at the beautiful Birmingham Symphony Hall.

Today though was one of those days you just try to survive…busy busy, rain sun rain sun all day, neither one thing nor the other. Then the Friday commute home…only today at every turn the roads were closed. It seemed madness out there today! So 15 miles took nearly 3 hours instead of 30 minutes. The car nearly ran out of juice, but it didn’t, I found a petrol station just in time. I didn’t have enough cash for fuel, no credit card on me, my debit alternative hadn’t worked the night before…but you know, there was a cash machine, my new card I had slipped into my wallet as an afterthought this morning worked, the car got fed and I got home – eventually.

Funnily enough I was rather chilled through out. I think that’s the key, keeping in the right mindset. Because you know it’s funny, but wherever you have been you are here now aren’t you. Whatever struggles, hassles, delays, troubles…you’ve got to this point and this point is now. So with the right mindset, now it the starting point. The beginning and from this point on anything is possible. It’s a clean slate, nothing has been decided…so go on start a fresh from now. I am. And do you know what? I know tomorrow’s journey will be an interesting one!

And on that note I’m off, just as David Bowie ‘Heroes’ starts to play. Why not take his advice. Go on you be one, just for one day!



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