Top Ten Eno related songs plus Top Five albums

My Top Ten fav Brian Eno related songs at this precise moment are (solo unless stated):

10. St Elmo’s Fire (Another Green World)
09. Do The Strand (For Your Pleasure)(with Roxy Music)
08. Heroes (Heroes)(with David Bowie)
07. Sparrow Fall pts 1-3 (Music For Films)
06. Paper (Fear Of Music)(with Talking Heads)
05. Listening Wind (Remain In Light)(with Talking Heads)
04. Kings Lead Hat (Before & After Science)
03. Drugs (Fear of Music)(with Talking Heads)
02. Help Me Somebody (My Life In the Bush Of Ghosts)(with David Byrne)
01. Baby’s On Fire (Here Come the Warm Jets)

My Top Five albums are:

05. Here Come The Warm Jets
04. Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks
03. Remain In Light (with Talking Heads)
02. My Life in the Bush of Ghosts (with David Byrne)
01. Fear Of Music (with Talking Heads)

I know, very random and would change if I did it again. But isn’t that the beauty of music? Any thoughts on your favourite Eno songs.


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