The Hygiene Genie

9 April (late evening)/10 April late afternoon.

Not sure what happened but it’s the afternoon of 10 April now! Sleep and work overtook me. That and a dental appointment with the hygienist – apparently less than 3mm (I’m guessing plaque) and your teeth are healthy. Most of mine are, but need to work on a few with the special red brush! She worked her magic though – water blast, scraping and polish. And with a lot of focus at present on Mr David Bowie and his new album it got me to thinking –  my hygienist she’s The Hygiene Genie and I mustn’t let myself (or my teeth) go!

Special mention must go to the sun today (not my son Jacob, but the stella one). It shone and it hasn’t done much of that recently. Ok, it always shines, but we haven’t seen it!

In celebration a Top 10 Sun Songs to follow…


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