Moonbeams in the midnight hour

8 April (after midnight at the lost & found!)

It’s after midnight, Spotify’s running and Tom Waits’ Grapefruit Moon is playing, which I think is fitting. Today’s PoemPhoto are both up on their respective blogs #NaPoWriMo, so my mind turns from creative words and pictures to my other love (other than the lovely Sue that is) – I am talking music.

I’ve been a collector for 35 years or more, nearly 20 of which I spent working in radio broadcasting, initially behind the scenes and then behind the mic, with my own specialist shows and also mainstream music radio and also news reporting, with a fair bit of production, editing, training and managing thrown in for good measure. Since my teens I have always had a close relationship with music, words & photography, which have frequently spilled over from my personal life into my professional one.

That love of music, especially live has led to many many nights spent enraptured and captivated by great musicians, with hopefully many more to come. The Residents, Paul Weller and David Byrne & St. Vincent are all on my radar over the next few months. My favourite live band of recent years and also one of my  current favourite bands is Bellowhead. If you get the chance, catch them live. They are a riot and a revelation in equal measures. I am wondering if I should start a musical blog covering some of the joys I have been privileged to experience. Interviews, chance meetings, joyous shows and some calamities along the way.

At this point, as if to give me a nudge, my Spotify playlist of Moon, Sun & Rain songs throws up The Waterboys fantastic song ‘Whole of the Moon’. My mind drifts back to a meeting with Waterboys Mike Scott and Steve Wickham when they came into my little studio in Germany and for an interview and live session. Somewhere in the organised chaos I daren’t call archives I have the master tape of that session and chat. And they enjoyed the vegetarian lunch too! Mmm I shall on ponder this.

I have also been considering an occasional Top 10 blog, which would include music but not exclusively. I’ve decided my blog writing style is a random thought style (if there is such a genre!). I write as I think, not in a finished article, polished pros well thought through style. I’m finding it quite therapeutic and it seems to be opening my creative flow in other ways, which can only be a good thing. I ponder too much sometimes (see above paragraph for conformation), so I know I need to make efforts to be more decisive and less questioning sometimes.

Yes, is the answer, not no, or maybe, my new mantra must be YES!


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