Six of the Best – Spanking!

6 April (2am UKT that’s GMT+1)

So here we are, it’s very late again. Perhaps this is habit forming. Mind you I’m back at work on Monday, which, being a postman, means up at 4.30am. That will be the real challenge in keeping up the blogging and especially #NaPoWriMo 30 poems in 30 days, through April (see Today’s Poem). Just completed today’s, so six days in and ok so far, though I’d be lying if I said all were written completely fresh. Three are brand new creations, one a re-written and hopefully improved effort and two ressurected, exhumed, re-examined, however you’d like to think of it. The photographic link has continued too (see Today’s Photo) to varying degrees of success. Three photos inspired poems, one perfectly match and one just sat nicely alongside my Japanese Poem Land of the Rising Sun Well that’s just the way it’s gone.

Speaking of photography I might be doing an exhibition later in the year in Brighton to do with a project I’ve been doing on and off for nearly 30 years…so, maybe about time. Thirty years, now that is procrastinating! I need to look into it so more on it, as and when.

Spotify might be a lovely curse, as a fair bit of today was spent creating another playlist ‘Rebel Music and Revolution Songs’. It’s great finding forgotten gems and discovering new jewels. Today’s sees amongst other delights, Billy Bragg’s ‘The Marching Song of the Covert’ following The Alarm and preceeding The Men They Couldn’t Hang’s wonderful ‘Ironmasters’. Earlier a unplanned blend of Stereo MC’s, Lee Scratch Perry & The Mad Professor just seemed to work as did Dr John, Steel Pulse and Gil Scott-Heron. Add in The Jam, Nick Cave, Jimmy Cliff, Bob Marley and Eliza Carthy and you realise how it encourages the eclectic nature of the listener. Well it does mine!

And as if perfectly planned, the playlist is about to end with At The Edge by SLF (Stiff Little Fingers), and as I have now reached the edge myself I am going to fall into slumber and the joy of a sleepy haze (before I have to rise early to take the teenager and his unexpected guest to the bus and train station respectively).

‘Tomorrow Will Be Too Long’, so said The Monochrome Set. They might be right.


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One Response to Six of the Best – Spanking!

  1. mattandlottie says:

    Nick send me a link to this playlist please. The rebel music and revolution songs. Cheers

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