The Third Day Man

3 April (Afternoon – Manchester airport hotel)

Awoke early to help Sue get ready for her busy day – delivering inspiring training to a team arriving by ‘Planes, trains and automobiles’ (one of my favourite films by the way). RIP John Candy, keep playing that banjo Mr Steve Martin. Soon the door closes, with a ‘do not disturb’ sign duely in place, the coffee’s on, the laptop’s fired up and the literary juices are ready to flow. Well, they would be, but I’ve just discovered Spotify (thanks to my nephew Munroe who was listening to The Foals when I clicked with intrigue). So, after a breakfast to die for, and being side-tracked for a couple of hours creating a killer playlist from tunes past, I embark on the next journey.

(About 3pm, UKTime – now GMT+1)
Battling a self-imposed deadline to finish before I meet Sue in half an hour I finally, complete, check and publish Poem No. 03 on Day 3 of NaPoWriMo #NaPoWriMo and the accompanying photograph. Although the photo inspired the words, not the other way round.

Then it’s the rush-hour dash back from Manchester, over the partially snow-covered Derbyshire Dales, a real wintery scene considering it’s spring. Quite beautiful as the sun starts setting.

Home, tea, relax, beer, bed, sleep.


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