On the fourth day…

4 April (late in the night)

I think the ink has frozen in my pen today. No creative juices are flowing. Is this what they loosely term ‘writer’s block’? Am I a writer? Do I have the right to write or call myself an author? Do I have to be published? Or traditionally published? After all, by putting my work out into the ether, available to all those who wish to see it or stumble accidentally into to my written world, surely that is the heart of publishing.

Anyway, enough of the brow-beating and procastinating (which by the way, I am very good at, as I am sure Sue will testify) and on with the task in hand. Note to self: I shouldn’t refer to my writing poetry and blogs as a task. Writing a shopping list is a task (unless it’s a shopping list poem), filling in a tax return that’s a task, as is cleaning, cutting the grass and looking after other people’s children! Poetry, that is a love, a choice, a calling if you like, not a task. One of my plans is to do a Top 10 blog – ten items a day on random subjects to provoke thought, laughter and maybe discussion. I shall have to include tasks in that, and loves. But that’s later, for now on to the task…oh stop it.

(later still – nearing midnight)
Spotify’s to blame…two new playlists ‘The Sun, The Rain & The Moon’ (themed) and ‘Passion for Plastic’ (named after a radio show* I used to present and featuring great songs from the show) and many hours later I finally complete Poem No. 04 Enclosed inspired by this photograph taken in the gardens of Burghley House.

* …a long story for another day.

(2am, UKT)
Publish with heavy eyes and a tired body. Power down the laptop, set the heating on low, switch of the lights, clear the brain and shivering, crawl between the sheets, feet like blocks of ice. No. Do not rest them on Sue, who warm as toast, is up at 6am for a business meeting. We don’t want to wake the neighbourhood with her screams!
Ah, the sleep of the just.


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