Into the mystic…

…world of blogging I fall. This week I have dipped my toe into a whole new world and I think I might have caught the blogging bug. Inspired by National Poetry Writing Month (2013) #NaPoWriMo – the challenge to write 30 poems in 30 days during April. I can’t remember where I saw first news of this event, but I did. And here we are Day 5, and still going. So far so good. I am still going because I took the plunge, the first tentative step that you have to take in anything you do to follow your chosen paths.

So here we are today, but first let me take you back a few days, funnily enough, to April Fools Day.

1 April (early evening GMT)
It’s the last day of a long Easter Bank Holiday weekend in the UK. It’s also April the first, fittingly named April Fools Day. Maybe I’m the fool for undertaking this challenge – thirty poems in thirty days. In keeping with NaPoWriMo’s ideal – to just write and not get too bogged/blogged down in the process – I merged two of my passions – poetry & football (soccer to those the other side of the pond from me) and embarked on my first effort, Poem No 01 QPR vs Fulham, April 1st 2013 Simply, I wrote it as the match progressed; before, during and after the event. It’s not literary genius, but the ink flowed (or rather the buttons on the keypad tapped!) and an end result emerged. If only the same could be said of my team Queens Park Rangers, better known as QPR, or the R’s, or occasionally something much ruder!
Now time to publish and be dammed!


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