Day Two…

2 April (daytime)

I am on holiday this week, so time in hand today. It’s grey, bitter cold outside and money is tight. It’s been a long winter of discontent for both me and my bank balance. An error at work last week (I am a postman, so the moniker ‘The Man Of Letters’ has more than one meaning, referencing both my love of words and my delivery of them) means there is a grey cloud hanging over me at present. Life, much like a dog, can unexpectedly bite the hand that feeds it. I’m Manchester-bound later, a chauffeur and companion to my lovely wife, Sue, who is delivering a training day.

For now it’s daily tasks at home and the challenge of Poem No. 02 for my new poetry blog.

I have also set up a photo blog, being keen snapper, so it seems natural to link the two and from this point on try to use one to inspire the other. Pictures to fuel words, words to prompt new images. We’ll see how it goes – no promises.


So, time and tide pass and lead to the first fruits; a photo and a new poem A mix of relief and temporary satisfaction ensues.

Then it’s away to Manchester, an airport hotel, food & wine and sweet slumber.


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Love poetry, love Marmite, Alright?
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